30 Most Expensive Luxury Minnesota Lake Homes

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The search terms “Minnesota mansions” and “Minnesota luxury homes” bring a high volume of visitors from people who use them in the search engines, especially Google. Also, my post about the 30 most expensive homes in Minnesota was a big hit, so it just seemed to follow that a gratuitous blog post that contained the 30 most expensive luxury Minnesota lake homes would be popular page. This post was created for no other reason except to give you something to OOHH and AHHH about. Ok, so close your lips and swallow… you can stop drooling now! At this prices, if this post leads to the sale of one of these expensive Minnesota luxury lake homes, this post would be most certainly worth the effort.

Some of this is a little redundant, since many of the Minnesota mansions for sale are obviously going to be on lakes, most notably Lake Minnetonka in such communities as Deephaven, Shorewood, Wayzata, and of course Orono, the home of the infamous 53 million dollar luxury Minnesota that has recently seen a 50% price reduction and is ready and waiting for your offer.

Here are the 30 most expensive luxury Minnesota lake homes currently for sale on the Northstar MLS/IDX:

If you expected to see expensive luxury Minnesota lake homes on Breezy Point or Prior Lake, you are right on. You may have expected to see some of the lake homes for sale in Edina on the famous Schaefer Road, although it is a bit of a euphemism to call these “lake homes” because the body of water in question is more of a pond.

Some of the listings shown might include homes on other bodies of water, like ponds, rivers, and creeks. Well, I guess you will just have to “eat the hay and spit out the sticks!”

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