One Level Blaine Townhomes: Flat Homes in a Flat World

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See ALL one level townhomes in Blaine currently listed on the Northstar MLS/IDX. This list does not include homes classified as “condos” because those are usually all on one floor. This includes detached townhouses, twin homes, quad town houses, and side-by-side townhomes that are currently available.

Also see detached Blaine townhomes for sale.

Your New Lifestyle

Do you avoid stairs and inclined planes? Does Buck Hill in Burnsville look like Aspen Colorado to you? Are you afraid of falling down stairs now that you are “getting up there?” Have you fallen and can’t get up?

You like flat surfaces now that you are in your golden years. In fact, we know that’s why you are looking at one level Blaine townhomes. After all, Blaine is as flat as the fens of Holland and even flatter than a bowling lane. It’s fatter than a pancake. It’s flatter than a flounder.* The Blaine one level townhouses aren’t quite as flat as the rest of the city, but you can find a home with all living facilities on one level, which means there are no stairs to go up or down between sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom.

One Level Blaine Townhomes are For You

Call us for a tour of any or all of these fine one-level-living units.

*Do you have any more similes for the word “flat?” Leave them in the comment section below. I may need them for more articles about Blaine real estate. Thank you.

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