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Battle Lake MN is a sleepy little Otter Tail County MN town with less than 700 people, and over 4 billion fish. There are so many fish living near this town because it is located right in the middle of 1001 lakes. Close your eyes and cast a fishing line in any direction, and the odds are that your hook will either land in a tree or a lake. If it lands in a lake, there is a good chance that there will be a fish on it when you reel it in. It’s that easy! This town is an ancient burial ground and the site of many battles waged between Sioux and Chippewa tribes. Perhaps they were fighting over this spot because of all of the wonderful fishing in the area. On the other hand, that seems unlikely, because there would have been plenty of fish for everyone to go around.

Here are a few Otter Tail County lake home listings posted on the Northstar Regional MLS:

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For all of the fighting that occurred here, the town’s motto is “small town with a big heart!” Well, the fish are pretty friendly, anyway. They certainly have a soft spot for fishermen.

The most notable bodies of water near town area East and West Battle Lakes. You won’t go wrong on either one. They both offer excellent fishing, and are fully recreational.

Let’s stick to West Battle Lake. That’s the one that’s right in town, so launch your boat. This notable Minnesota lake is bigger than the other one; it’s absolutely ginormous at 5565.33 acres of sky-blue water. About half of that is designated as littoral, and the maximum depth is 108 feet. The lake is crystal clear to about 16 feet, so it is pretty easy for you to see the fish, and it’s even easier to for you to see them. As a result, brightly colored lures are not needed.”

Here’s a depth map:

Want walleyes? Try shiners or leeches in late evening at about 15 feet.

Battle Lake Minnesota MLS Properties

According to the Otter Tail Count MLS/IDX, there are exactly two lakeshore homes in the town of Battle Lake at the time of this post. But wait… both of them are under 500K. This means that you can buy both of them. Of course, you can always find more at the other end of the lake. The bad news is that you could end up fighting over the last one with another buyer. Use the link at the top of the page to find out about Otter Tail Minnesota lakeshore real estate for sale.

Here are the lakeshore properties for sale in town, (if still available) nice and close to a reliable supply of beer and leeches.

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