Buffalo Lake, Wright County. You Really Should Buy a Lake Home Here!

Drive about half an hour west of Minneapolis on MN HIghway 55, and you will run into the City of Buffalo, the home of the Wright County government center, about 2000 people, and a whole bunch of walleyes that live in Buffalo Lake.  That alone is plenty of reason for buying a lakeshore Buffalo Lake home in Wright County MN.

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There is no question that Buffalo Lake is the “crown jewel” of the city, and perhaps all of Wright County. This lake has consistently produced walleyes that are about 18 inches.   This is no pothole, either; it boasts 1,552 acres of surface area, a water clarity of 2.7 feet, and a maximum depth of 33 feet. The lake gets some heavy fishing pressure, but seems to take it well.  There is plenty of easy lake access for all of the fishermen who come from Minneapolis. The City of Buffalo maintains an access within its city park on the NE corner of the lake.  The County has one on the SE corner.  The state/DNR maintains one on the north end.  All three have concrete ramps.

If you want walleyes, there is a flat area on the bottom of the lake near middle, where the water is only ten feet deep.  You  may also find them in an area over rocks and gravel on the northwest shore.

Are you looking for bass?  Whatever “jerks your bobber.”  Bass are here too. These bronzback babies like deeper water near the inlets or the outlets.  They like just a little bit of water flow. There is Eurasian milfoil in this lake, but smallmouth bass seem to like it.

Northern pike are lurking in these waters, feeding on smaller pike, of course. Pike are just not very nice individuals.  While you are fishing for them, you will realize just how good it is to live at the top of the food chain.  You need brighter bait if you want to catch them.

Buffalo Lake is also home to just about any other species of gamefish that the State of Minnesota has to offer.

Homes on Buffalo Lake

This big, bad, beautiful lake claims 5.6 miles of prime Minnesota lakeshore, so you ought to be able to some sort of Buffalo Lake lake property here that “floats your boat!” At least, that is what you would think!  Well, you are wrong.  Today, on the Northstar Regional Minnesota MLS, I could find only four single family Buffalo lake homes available.  The good news is that the average asking price of a Buffalo Lake lakeshore property in Wright County MN is only $401,150.  If you call me right away, you might even get a Minnesota lake home with small acreage and a big stupid rock in front of it.

What is the moral of this story?  Minnesota lake homes are not as plentiful as they used to be, so if you want one, you need to go find your checkbook and a useful lender.  Call me at 612-296-0007 and let’s go snag the perfect lake home in Wright County.

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