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Lake Minnetonka

See ALL Tonka Bay real estate listings for sale by clicking this link. Tonka Bay was officially incorporated as a village in 1901. The area of Tonka Bay comprises about one square mile, but has more Minnetonka lakefront property than any other city of its size. Tonka Bay is located between the upper and lower [...]

Price slashed 50%! That’s how that first one in the thumbnail pictures below could be advertised. The celebrated 13 acre estate with 244 feet of lakeshore and panoramic water views of Lake Minnetonka on Brackett’s Point in Orono Minnesota that was listed at the time of this post for a cool 24M is a bargain [...]

How about a nice Orono short sale listing that is priced tens or even hundreds of thousands less than what the seller just might have paid for it just a few years ago? You might even be able to find a luxury Lake Minnetonka real estate listing that both the owner and the bank are [...]

Mention Lake Minnetonka real estate and your listeners will conjure up images of lakeshore luxury estates with 100+ feet of prime (that means “expensive”) sandy Minnesota lakeshore that is priced out of reach for the average middle class citizen.  Well, I am here to tell you that the real estate bubble is burst and times [...]

Two popular Google searches that bring people to this site are ‘Minnesota million dollar homes” and “multi-million dollar Lake Minnetonka homes in Orono.” This no doubt is due to the widely publicized $53M luxury home in Bracketts Point, a listing that attracted the attention of countless “tire kickers.” While this famous Minnesota lake home is [...]

Are you looking for a nice fishing lake that is less than a couple of hours from Minneapolis? Consider Knife Lake in Mora Minnesota, Kanabec County. This shallow lake is about 1200 acres of water, with a maximum depth of 15 feet. The dominant substrate is sand. The entire lake is classified as littoral, and [...]