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Minneapolis Real Estate: A Year of Transition

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on January 26, 2011 0 Comments

Video courtesy of Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS® See ALL Minneapolis real estate listings currently for sale on the IDX/MLS system. This video details market trends in the local market.  Here are some highlights of the video: The painstaking slow economic recovery is frustrating Minneapolis real estate agents and sellers. Pending Minneapolis real estate sales […]

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Minnesota Real Estate: Bright Spots in the Market

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on December 31, 2010 0 Comments

Minnesota real estate sales continued to level out in November, and there are several indicators that suggest that the housing market is improving. Of particular note is the fact that Minnesota real estate transactions increased by 4.4% over October figures. Historically, November generally shows smaller numbers than October because of weather changes and the approaching […]

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More Minneapolis MN Real Estate Sales at the Higher Price Points

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on December 14, 2010 0 Comments

Metro Minneapolis MN real estate pending sales dropped 3.3% compared to last November, and closed home sales fell 39.1% during the same time period. The most obvious culprit is the tremendous spike in Minneapolis MN real estate sales triggered by the home buyer tax credit of 2009. It seems like everyone who was going to […]

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Does Your Minneapolis Real Estate Agent Offer Incentives?

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on October 30, 2009 0 Comments

Video produced by the Minnesota Association of REALTORS® Is your Minneapolis real estate agent acting properly if he/she offers you a special “deal” for listing and selling property? A common ploy is to offer a seller a discount on listing commission if the seller uses the agent to also purchase property. I am wondering why […]

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Minnesota Home Buyers and Regulation Z

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on August 3, 2009 0 Comments

This video courtesy of the Minnesota Association of Realtors Find out more about 2009 legistlative updates that affect Minnesota real estate. TILA – Truth in Lending Act Regulation Z is part of the Truth in Lending Act, which has just had some regulations added on to it this spring, which took effect July 30th, 2009. […]

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Methamphetamine and Minneapolis Real Estate

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on July 19, 2009 0 Comments

It’s hardly news anymore.  Everyone now knows that methamphetamine production involves the use of a variety of noxious and toxic chemicals.  Potential Minnesota home buyers are concerned about unwittingly purchasing a “meth house.”  I have not had any experiences with Minneapolis real estate listings that were used for meth production. I did have experience with […]

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Minnesota REALTORS(R) Head to Washington

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on May 13, 2009 0 Comments

Watch the video for an inside look at what Minnesota REALTORS think their legislators should do to beef up the sales of Minnesota homes.  This highlights the agenda that REALTORS will bring to Washington DC. Here’s what they think should be done: Move the housing initiative forward. Restructure Freddie MAC and Fannie Mae so they […]

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Carbon Monoxide Alarms Become Minnesota Law!

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on August 15, 2008 0 Comments

Effective August 1st 2008, all existing single family dwellings are affected by a new Minnesota real estate law that requires “an approved and operational carbon monoxide alarm installed within ten feet of each room lawfully used for sleeping purposes.” (See MN Stat. 299.51). I am realizing that many agents have not heard about this law, […]

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Do you own a boarded up building? Watch out! The City of Minneapolis is coming to take your money.

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on April 23, 2008 0 Comments

Having difficulty with one of your Minneapolis properties? Are you having trouble renting it out? Is it at risk for trespassing or vandalism? Do you need to board it up to protect it?

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How did we get here?

Filed in Minnesota Real Estate by on January 14, 2008 0 Comments

According to Glen Dorfman of the Minnesota Association of Realtors, the “public wants and deserves the most accurate assessment

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