What about Those Chanhassen Townhomes?

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Chanhassen is closer to Minneapolis than ever, since the new Highway 212 cut a swath through the southern outskirts of this city. The really good news is that the old roadways are still there for you to use, so commuter traffic is virtually non-existent.  Besides, the MTC has a park-and-ride so you can snooze on the bus as you ride to Minneapolis.  There are plenty of Chanhassen townhomes for sale along the new highway, and if you owned one, downtown Minneapolis would seem closer than ever.

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Why Chanhassen Townhomes?

Convenience and beauty.  That’s probably the best way to describe this bucolic setting.  This city has more trees, water and parks than just about any other town of its size.  No doubt, this is what attracts the people who purchase those nice Chanhassen homes.

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So, why not free up some of your time to enjoy the natural beauty of this area.  Do you really want to spend your leisure hours scraping paint off of the garage when you could be on your bicycle?  Would you really want  to be shoveling snow when you could be on your snowmobile? Really?  You need to get a life!  You could be spending all of that time enjoying park trails or maybe some ice fishing on Lake Riley.  If you owned a townhome here, there’s a good chance it would have a toasty gas fireplace for thawing out your toes and maybe creating some mellow ambiance for you and your sweetie.

There’s plenty of Chanhassen townhomes to choose from, and something in everys tyle and price range.  There are condos galore, side by side and all-one-level homes in Mission Hills, and plenty of those 1980’s quads that have a living room PLUS a family room in the lower level. Sometimes they are slightly outdated, but they give you the most square footage, trees, and grass for your dollar.  Most of those also have a deck and a walkout by the way.  There are even some Rottlund detached townhomes on the north side of Lake Riley.

Finding the Perfect Townhome in Chanhassen Minnesota

The inventory for these Chanhassen townhomes is fabulous; they are plentiful, and they are affordable.  All of the major townhome builders are represented here, including Rottlund, Centex, and Pulte.

At the time of this post, there are about 78 townhouses, condos, manor homes, detached and twin homes for sale.  The average asking price is about $240,000.  However, over half of them are available for 200k or less.

Need help sorting through all of these options? Your Minnesota REALTOR® can help. Call me at (612) 296-0007.  I have over 15 years of experience with with this special  Minnesota real estate market. My goal is to help you find the best value and the property that is best suited to your unique requirements.


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