Do you own a boarded up building? Watch out! The City of Minneapolis is coming to take your money.

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Having difficulty with one of your Minneapolis properties? Are you having trouble renting it out? Is it at risk for trespassing or vandalism? Do you need to board it up to protect it?

The City of Minneapolis wants to “kick you while you are down.” The city’s annual fee for boarded buildings (Chapter 249) was $2,000.00. In case you missed the news, on March 17th 2008, Minneapolis jacked up the fee to a whopping $6,000. Do you think you have troubles now? The City of Minneapolis is looking at your building and seeing green!

Of course the City says that this is due to the increased cost of monitoring these buildings. Say what? For about $350, I can hire a private inspector to perform a very comprehensive inspection of a Minneapolis home. If the City contracted the monitoring and inspection work out to my inspector, for $6,000 they could get a building inspected with a fine-toothed comb for 17.143 times per year! Perhaps for a smaller fee, the inspector could be hired to do a more cursory check on a building once in a while.

How do you obtain a Chapter 249 list? Just send money to city hall! Surprise, surprise! Send $5.00 to:

Housing Inspections
ATTN: Boarded Buildings
250 S 4th St, Room 300
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1339.

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