Merry Trout Fishing on Christmas Lake (Chanhassen and Shorewood)

Yup, there’s rainbow trout in that lake! Who whudda thunk it? Maybe I need a trout fishing category for my “Best Minnesota Lakes for Fishing” pages.

This lake is the biggest surprise for fishing around here. You might miss the turn-off from Hwy 7, and many folks don’t even know the lake exists. It’s well hidden from all roads, and looks very private and inaccessible. Not so! Beyond all of those trees, there is a wonderful public concrete access ramp with seven trailer spaces. Some of the local kids walk down to the dock with worms and ten-dollar fishing poles that say “Simpsons” or “Spider Man” (they work just fine, by the way) and have much success snagging bluegills and pumpkinseeds.

Rainbow trout dinner
Here’s a rainbow trout found in its ideal habitat of rice and onions.

The size and depth of this lake is also a surprise. It’s 257 acres and drops off quickly at the northeast corner to a depth of 87 feet!! What is unusual about this lake is it is so incredibly clear (clear to 18.8 ft!) that it is easy to spook the fish, especially if you are trying to get walleyes in the shallow water by the weedlines. If you want to get the walleyes use leeches or dull colored lures and very light line, because the water is so clear. But the light line that comes with the cheap kiddie rod-and-reel sets works well for this. Try fishing when it is cloudy. There is not an over-abundace of walleye, but they are good size. The DNR gill net studies show an average size of 3.53 pounds.

Local family panfishing on Christmas Lake in Shorewood

Now about those trout. This lake is so clear and so full of oxygen even to lower depths, that you might find some monster rainbow trout way down deep. Troll deep with minnow lures, salmon eggs, inflated worms at about 40 feet. This is heavily stocked with rainbows, so this is worth the effort.

real estate photo for christmas lake homes and lakeshore pages shows traditrional fireplace

Lake Homes and Lakeshore Real Estate for Sale on Christmas Lake

If you want lakefront property here, you need to be decisive. Right now there are only three homes for sale with lakeshore here, ranging from 1.5-3.5M, and there are rarely more than that available.

If you would like deeded access here, it might be more affordable, but opportunities are limited for that as well. As of this post, there was only one deeded access home available on Christmas, so you need to call 612-296-0007 right away!

See Minnesota lakeshore real estate listings.

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