Fishing and Homes on Crystal Lake Burnsville Minnesota, Dakota County.

Crystal Lake is Burnsville’s largest lake, measuring 280 acres and claiming a depth of 37 feet, and a clarity to almost three feet of depth. The lake however, is mostly littoral (208 acres,) providing eseential spawning habitat for bass, walleye, and panfish. Both numbers and weight for sunnies are definitely on the high-end of normal range for similar minnesota lakes of this type. You will find them in all of the bays in Crystal. Simple worms or minnows on a plain hook will work best because the lake is quite clear, especially in spring. I stood on the dock in the middle of the day and saw dozens of them swarming around the end of it.

bluegill photo for crystal lake burnsville
But you will find plenty of bluegill sunfish in this Burnsville MN lake.

According to the DNR, the crappie population for this lake is at a 30 year low.

Northern pike are relatively low in numbers, but above average in size.

Largemouth bass are above average size as well, although the population size is on the low-end of normal range. You are most likely to find them by throwing plastic worms right on top of the weedbeds. When the water has warmed, you might have better luck trolling for them with shiners in deeper water.

public beach at crystal lake
Public beach at east end of the lake.

boat on burnsville lake
Crystal Lake is fully recreational, and conveniently located, with easy access to and from Interstate 35W.

concrete ramp and dock
City owned public access on northwest corner of the lake has a concrete ramp and parking for 18 trailers. There is also a public fishing pier.

Burnsville MN Lake Homes and Lakeshore on Crystal Lake

If you want to own Burnsville MN lakeshore, you can still find a lake home on Crystal in the 500’s and 600’s, especially ramblers on Maple Island. Right now, there is a 1.3M executive home with 5 bedrooms and 4 garage stalls available on the east end of the lake. But don’tdawdle. Call me at 612-296-0007 to see lake homes in Burnsville. Minnesota lakefront this close to Minneapolis is a good buy, considering that gas prices are stratospheric, and fewer people will want to drive two or three hours every weekend to visit a vacation lake home.

Browse Minnesota lake home listings for sale.

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