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Detached Minnesota townhomes are in demand!

Bookmark this link, and you will have up-to-date information on all detached townhomes in Minnesota*.

*Please note that the above link will display Minnesota detached townhomes listing information provided per idx Regional MLS feed. This may not include all Minnesota MLS listings for detached units. Some out-state listings are not accurate, because some of their single family homes are listed under the detached townhouse category.

Cleaning gutters. Raking snow off of your roof to prevent ice-dams and ceiling damage. Is this your idea of fun? What about mowing and raking? Personally, I find de-thatching the lawn a particularly hateful activity. “Edging” the lawn is especially stupid and pointless. Wouldn’t you rather be fishing on one of those glorious Minnesota lakes? I bet you won’t ever find Babe Winkelman out there de-thatching his lawn. Most certainly, he doesn’t rent one of those big heavy lawn aerators every fall. (I bet when you were a kid, your folks didn’t “aerate” the lawn! It seems like every year that the hardware stores come up with something new that you have to do to your yard. You feel you are obligated to keep up with your fussy neighbors and their lawn maintenance prowess.)

Life is short. When you are on your deathbed, will you be regretting that you didn’t do more lawn mowing? Hardly. Will you be regretting that you did not catch more fish? If you spent your summer worrying about crabgrass, dandelions, or watering bans, your answer will most certainly be “yes!”

Before you fall while shoveling the ice and getting a broken femur, get yourself one of those nice detached townhomes in Minnesota! Ok, so it was a hard-sell getting you to buy one of those side by side townhouses because you didn’t want to hear your neighbors making noise. (Seriously, most of them are very soundproof, anyway.) A detached townhome is the perfect answer for you. You have all of the privacy you need, and more of the quality time for enjoying a happy, carefree lifestyle.

Finding the Perfect Detached MN Townhome

There are 411 Minnesota detached townhomes for sale at the time of this post, according to the Northstar Regional Mutiple Listing Service system. Wow! Ok, so that is a lot to look at, but your friendly Minnesota REALTOR can help you “eat the hay and spit out the sticks.” The average list price is $291,028, making them generally a little more expensive than their side by side, twin home, or quad counterparts. However, the great majority of them are all-one-level, meaning that baby boomers will express greater demand for these, once their knees blow out.

If you are looking for a community with a wide range of choices for these types of units, try the Eden Prairie real estate market. Bearpath, an Eden Prairie gated community has a number of them built by Lecy that overlook the golf course. Also, there are some fabulous Brandl Anderson executive villa detached town homes just a few steps away from the Minnesota River Bluffs, all loaded up with maple hardwood floors and cherry cabinets. A bit further to the west in Hennepin Village there are some outstanding Minnesota detached townhomes that are house-like two stories with basements.

Check out the townhome finder to learn more or to obtain Minnesota townhome MLS listings.

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