Homes on Duck Lake, Eden Prairie

There are not many homes for sale on Duck Lake in Eden Prairie. At 41 acres and a maximum depth of 10 feet and a mean depth of 7 feet, this is not exactly a huge lake. With this year’s drought conditions, the depth will be considerably less. It’s watershed is small, and is dominated by residential development. In fact, Duck Lake is so small that the DNR lakefinder site gives virtually no information on fish or water quality. No motorized boats are allowed, and there is no public fishing pier. The city’s web page offers scant informaton on the lake, but does indicate the presence of northern pike, carp, and black bullheads.

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Northern pike photo for duck lake eden prairie
The glorious northern pike with all of its markings.

carp minnesota lakes
Common carp found in Minnesota lakes. To prepare the carp, place the whole fish on top of an asphalt shingle . Heat over low fire until warm. Discard the carp. Eat the shingle.

Er.. wait… I’m being “insensitive!” There are people who deliberately pursue carp.

Ok, so I am guessing that this is not a renowned fishing lake. But drive by this lake sometime at look at it. It’s beautiful, especially in autumn! This would be a great lake to slip a canoe into. The kids would love paddleboating on it. How about a windsurfer? I would rather have a lake like this behind my back yard than be looking out my back window into someone else’s back window!

Lake homes and lakeshore real estate on Duck Lake, Eden Prairie

Lake homes on Duck Lake are predominantly split entry and two story styes built in the late 70’s and 80’s. Opportunities are limited for purchasing Eden Prairie lake homes here, so please contact me if you want to be notified of any Duck Lake lakehore properties that become available. Right now, there is a 6000 plus square foot two story listed in the low 1M price range. Generally speaking, homes that become available here are smaller and less expensive.

You can also search for other Eden Prairie lake homes by using the Minnesota Lake Home finder.

I am looking for more information about this lake, andecdotal or otherwise. If you own a home on Duck Lake, or have any fishing stories to share, please submit some comments, feedback, or stories below.

minnesota lake shore duck lake eden prairie
Lovely, serene Duck Lake is a great place to buy Eden Prairie MN real estate.

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  1. Linda Davis says:

    Your photos are very inviting! You are a wonderful ambassador for your area.

  2. Kermit Johnson says:

    Thanks Linda.

    My camera of choice is a cheap 4 megapixel Kodak. Camera snobs turn their noses up at Kodaks. They do have terrible shutter lag, but even a monkey can take real estate photos with them, as proven by this website.

    Now if you want a website that does a great job of keeping up with local real estate news in your area, go to The Eastern Connecticut Real Estate Blog.

  3. Jim says:

    I grew up in the old farm house on south shore lane in the 60’s and 70’s. The house is still there, at the entrance to the neighborhood. That farm house was the original farmstead for the land in which the neighborhood grew around, while we were growing up. At that time there was no sewer lines, so a lot of septic tanks lent their effluent to the lake. It had at least a foot of muck on the bottom on the southern shore. Round Lake had a gun club, and its condition was pristine. The neighborhood was full of kids, we had good times in that neighborhood.

  4. Jim says:

    Oh, and the lake only had bullheads. We caught little else.

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