Nice Homes in Eden Prairie School District ISD 272

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Here are ALL homes in Eden Prairie MN School District 272 that are currently for sale.

Eden Prairie ISD 272 is well-renowned for the excellent reputation of its schools. In fact, out-of-town buyers often inquire about homes in Eden Prairie schools because of the district’s reptuation. District 272 is comprised of four elementary schools, one intermediate school, one middle school, and one high school. In 2005, the district opened a Spanish immersion school for parents who desire to expose their youngsters to another language early in their education. All schools are relatively new or have been renovated. Modern technology has been incorporated in schools to facilitate student learning and to prepare students for the job market in the 21st century. Homes in Eden Prairie school district are popular with buyers who want a quality education for their children.

Parents with youngsters will be happy to know they have four kindergarten options. They may choose to send their children to school for half-days or full-days, to Spanish immersion, or to the Interdistrict Downtown School in Minneapolis, where students benefit from a learning environment that is specifically tailored to suit their needs.

Eden Prairie’s elementary schools serve children in grades one through four. The average class size at the elementary level is 26, and the pupil-to-teacher ratio is 16 students per teacher. The schools have certified staff in the art, physical education, music, and elementary media center departments. Many parents will choose to purchase homes in the Eden Prairie school district on the basis of the small student-to-teacher ratio.

Children in grades five and six attend Oak Point Intermediate School before advancing to middle school. The Oak Point curriculum focuses on the following: language arts, with an emphasis on literature; mathematics, which encourages students to hone their problem-solving skills; science, with emphasis on hands-on applications, and social studies, in which students are encouraged to draw connections between what they learn in school and the world around them. Special programs are available for the gifted and for those children for whom English is a second language. For 45-minutes every day, students are educated by a specialist in one of the following areas: art; music; physical education; swimming, and world languages.

Children in grades seven through eight attend Central Middle School. Students and teachers are organized into teams to enhance students’ sense of community and to increase meaningful collaboration between students and teachers. The program strives to provide: successful learning experiences tailored to individual learning needs; a comprehensive academic curriculum, an environment conducive to the development of life skills; encouragement of good citizenship, and emotional guidance.

Eden Prairie High School serves students in grades nine through graduation. Eden Prairie High School has an outstanding academic reputation. Its students consistently receive standardized test scores above national and state averages. Eden Prairie high school students have earned the highest scores ever received on the ACT college entrance exam. Students’ average ACT score is 23.8, while the national average is 22.3. The average SAT score is 595 for the verbal component, and 612 for the math component. 98% of Eden Prairie’s high school seniors graduate and an astonishing 94% of them go on to attend college. Students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum which includes 11 advanced placement courses. Approximately 76% of Eden Prairie High School students score above 3 on advanced placement tests. Homes in Eden Prairie Schools ISD 272 enjoy good resale value, thanks to the school district’s high standards of academic excellence.

Eden Prairie High School is as well known for its extracurricular and athletic opportunities as it is for its outstanding academic record. The school boasts 65 non-athletic extracurricular opportunities, 50 of which are student clubs. Students participating in various athletic opportunities have had the satisfaction of winning numerous state championships.

Eden Prairie Schools (ISD 272)

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