Fishin’ in Fish Lake, Prior Lake Minnesota – Scott County

It’s not a real big lake, (171 acres) but I have gone water skiing here and there was plenty of room. Plenty of gamefish variety, here too. Water depth is a maximum of 28 feet, and it boasts a clarity of 6.5 feet. There is a barrier to prevent migration of carp from Spring Lake via the creek on the north end.

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Evening from west lakeshore of fish lake

Who lives in there?

  • The lake is known for having a large number of panfish, including bluegills, plus plenty of both black and white crappies. In fact, bluegill levels here are at the highest they have been since 1949.
  • You may pick up some bullheads too. Yellow bullhead are in fact at levels above 75 percentile and average about 1.1 pounds
  • Largemouth bass are around the southwest corner, and walleyes can be snagged off a bar Kaiser’s point at the north end.
  • The lake is home to a large number of northern pike, but they tend to be at smaller-than average size.
  • Walleye are the fish that are the most heavily managed by the state. Average weight from gillnet studies is 4.1 poundss and the average length is 22 inches.
  • Fish lake is also home to golden shiners, black bullhead, and common carp.

dock at fish lake
Public access on northwest end.

concrete ramp at fish lake
Excellent concrete ramp at public landing.

Photo by Maria Rose Johnson

cloud over fish lake

Homes on Fish Lake

Opportunies for home ownership on Fish Lake are extremely limited. Last year, only two lake homes sold; average sale price was $994,950 and an average size of 4,345 finished square feet. Right now, there is a to-be-built on a ten acre lot in the 1.5M price range.

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