Grand Marais Lake Homes and Lake Superior Cabins

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It’s worth the trip, and you know it, too. Check out Grand Marias lake cabins because this is the best time in your life that you will probably ever see to buy one.

See ALL Grand Marais Lake Cabins and Lake Superior homes for sale.

Grand Marais lake cabins have a mystique all their own, sitting at the doorway to the legendary and storied Gunflint Trail, the entrance to all that is wild and wonderful about Minnesota lake homes.  If you are from Minnesota, you already know that the Gunflint Trail is synonymous with wilderness, and that you can drive from  Grand Marais lake homes all the way to the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area at Sagana Lake.  A drive up the Gunflint trail will definitely change your attitude, and the further north you drive, the more your worries and cares about that hateful job of yours will wash away.  Just ask the black bears you will meet along the way.  Those guys are definitely care-free.  Buy one of the Grand Marais lake homes and you can take the 57 mile trip up the Gunflint Trail.  A trip up this National Scenic Byway and past all of those glacial lakes will be remembered for the rest of your life.  As you pass by Knife Lake, be sure to pay homage to the late Dorothy Molter, the famous root beer lady. When you arrive back at your Grand Marais Lake Superior cabin, you will remember why you live in Minnesota.

Pronouncing “Grand Marais”

Don’t know how to pronounce the title? Just remember that when you are pronouncing French words, simply ignore the last few letters. Grand Marais means “big marsh” and is probably a holdover from when the French fur traders who were probably named Jacque and Pierre plied their trapping skills to harvest beaver for those people in Europe who would spend money on those big tall beaver hats. What does all of this has have to do with real estate Grand Marais? Not much. I just didn’t want you to embarrass yourself in public by calling this city “Grand Maraze.”


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