Green Lake Homes in Isanti County MN

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Green Lake in Isanti County is home to some happy Minnesota lakeshore owners who are outnumbered 1,000,000,000,000,000 to one by large, unintelligent walleye, the population of which is only rivaled by vast multitudes of large and angry northern pike who seek to dominate by eating all other species. Their favorite plan for accomplishing this is to lurk along Green Lake’s weedlines and attack anything shiny that gets even remotely close to them.

Here are some Isanti County Minnesota lakeshore listings:

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Surprisingly, there are large populations of black crappies and bluegill sunfish who don’t seem to be impacted by the presence of all of these predator fish. If you are not afraid of large numbers of huge, aggressive fish, then Green Lake homes in Isanti County, Minnesota might be worth your while to check out. Be forewarned; fishing in Green Lake is not for the faint-of-heart. If you get one of those vicious pike in your boat, you might wish you brought your gun. BTW: The best bait for catching these monsters is live hogs strapped to five-foot weedless treble hooks.
killer northern pike lurk in green lake.

Green Lake homes in Isanti County are popular among home buyers who are looking for a quality like within commutable distance to downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Green Lake is near Princeton, Minnesota, making your lake home here within easy reach of the Twin Cities. As a result, we get more requests for information about homes and lakeshore on Green Lake than just about any other lake in the state. Green Lake is a fully recreational 803 acre body of water that is 28 feet at its deepest and boasts water clarity of five feet.

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