Save on Homes on Gull Lake MN Lakeshore

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Here are the top 30 Gull Lake homes for sale in the Brainerd Lakes area:

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Browse all Gull Lake MN lakeshore property for sale at this link.

Do you like walleye? Do you like big  recreational lakes with sand and gravel bottoms? Well, you really ought to put a boat on gull lake just to see what happens when you throw a black leech on a hook into it. The water is well stocked with walleyes, and also has been known for brown trout.

Gull Lake is a fully recreational and boasts a whopping 9,947.03 acres of sky blue water and thousands of big  hungry fish. This lake is the result of the Gull River dam being constructed just below the lake’s outlet. Gull Lake is the largest body of water in the Gull Lake Chain. This is the largest body of water in the Brainerd Lakes Area, and also one of the most popular.

The Gull Lake Chain is comprised of:

  • Gull Lake
  • Upper Gull Lake
  • Nisswa Lake
  • Spring Lake
  • Love Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Bass Lake
  • Steamboat Bay
  • Wilson’s Bay
  • Roy Lake
  • Margaret Lake
  • Spider Lake

The shoreline is zoned for general development, which resulted in the development of 19 resorts, including Cragun’s, Grand View Lodge, and Madden,’s.  There are also some very nice Gull Lake lakeshore properties for sale, which makes me wonder why you would pay all that money to spend a few days at a fancy-pants resort.  Purchase a Gull Lake home, and you could spend weeks, months, years, or decades living on some prime Minnesota lakeshore.  You would have more privacy, more fun, and you could “do your own thing.”

Right now, there are about three dozen homes for sale on the Gull Lake MLS/IDX system for you to tour. You might as well see them all.  However, don’t dawdle; prices are insanely low and there are foreclosure properties for sale in this area.  This opportunity won’t last forever.  Besides, God doesn’t seem to be creating any more Minnesota lakeshore.

Browse all MN lake homes here.

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