Hennepin County MN Hobby Farms: Horse Properties with Stables for Sale

Can’t afford to board your horses? I bet! It would make more sense to buy your own Hennepin County MN hobby farm all set up with horse stables, would it not?

See all Hennepin County MN horse ranches for sale at this link.

Ok, so you can see that there aren’t too many hobby farms in Hennepin County right now, especially with horse stables because supply is generally low, and demand is always going up. If you need help finding a horse ranch that has very specific features, like a heated barn or a large indoor riding arena, I am the guy to call. Also, you may be wondering how many horses you can have on a prospective property, I can help with that too. I can get you information on minimum pasturable acreage requirements, CUPs, or whatever it is that you need.

Your Hennepin County Hobby Farm Expert

Call me and tell me what you are looking for and I can help. Maybe you don’t need stables because you just want to have a big vegetable garden and raise chickens or ducks. Good idea. I can find the perfect property for you, whether you need a small acreage, large acreage, a pole barn, or chicken coop. I am here to help.

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