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You really should check out ALL Hinckley MN homes for sale at this link. Can you get your mind around these low prices?

Man, I love this place. I loved it even before it became overrun by gamblers and people with big rv campers. A friend of mine owned a hunting shack along a creek just east of Cloverdale, along with a few hundred acres of rolling birch trees. I didn’t do much hunting, but I just liked hiking and cross-country skiing through some of the loveliest forests in Minnesota. Hinckley was also the perfect point for a rest stop because it is the midpoint along Interstate 35 between Duluth and Minneapolis. Toby’s has always been a great place for food and coffee. Today, many Twin Cities commuters have purchased Hinckley homes because they want an easy drive and don’t want to live in suburbia. Who can blame them?

Of course, the Grand Casino came along, and with it came a nice big financial shot in the arm to local businesses. Having the casino in town ain’t all bad; the Grand Casino Hinckley Ampitheatre features great headliner acts, the likes of which are Johnny Lang, George Thorogood, and other musical luminaries. In fact, I saw George Jones a few years ago in Hinckley. Fabulous!

Homes in Hinckley Minnesota

Acording to the Northstar Regional MLS, there were 39 Hinckley homes for sale at an average price of $175,315. Can you say “affordable?” However, sometimes you have to take some of these numbers with a grain of salt. For example, the average total cost per square foot is $1,265.19, which is not exactly plausible. This means that a Hinckley real estate agent didn’t enter the right numbers into one of those mls listings. It also means that the Hinckley MLS might not show you everything you need, so you should call 612-296-0007 to gain more accurate information about the Hinkley real estate market.

If you are looking for a nice bed-and-breakfast lodge type facility, you can probably find a nice one for about $2.5M, complete with over 500 acres, provided you don’t dawdle and can be decisive about writing out an earnest check. There are also some more down-to-earth possibilities of newer homes with 100-200 acres in the 500’s. You may even find a strawberry farm or a place for horses in that general price range. Keep in mind that over half of the Hinckley homes on the market are for sale under $200K. If you want something low maintenance and care-free, check out Pathfinder Village in Hinckley.

p.s. Some of you might not have found this post because you could not spell “Hinckley” correctly. I get it wrong sometimes myself. So those of you who are googling “Hinkley homes” or “Hinckly MLS” I am deliberately misspelling it here:

“Hinkley MN Real Estate”

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