Browse Historic Minnesota Mansions. Please Bring Your Checkbook and a Valid ID.

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The dictionary defines “mansion” as a large, impressive house. I suppose everyone has their own definition of what a Minnesota mansion would be. One thing is certain; almost everyone is impressed by massive homes with vintage architecture circa 1920’s or older. It’s hard not to be impressed by heavy oak woodwork with bountiful built-ins, wood pillars, leaded glass windows, stained-glass windows and turrets. You might even find a carport, carriage house, or wine cellar. Almost anyone would agree that anything more expensive than 1M and older than 1930 meets the definition of an historic mansion.

Recommended mansions currently listed on the IDX/MLS system…

View historic mansions for sale in Minnesota at this link. See the most stately, dignified formal residences in the state.

Find a Dignified Old Mansion in Minnesota

So where are do you find these beauties in the Twin Cities? Of course, for 53 million dollars you could absolutely “steal” that luxury Orono MN home on Bracketts Point. Give me a call, and I will gladly be your accomplice. If that one is out of your element, I can find a few dozen others under $8M that would suit your taste. In the Minneapolis real estate market, the Mount Curve area is a sure bet for a nice Minnesota mansion; you might be able to to pick up a home built by George Maher or some other name that only the upper-crust would have heard of. There are also a few estates to look at around Lake of the Isles or on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. (Close your mouth and swallow; you are starting to drool.)

If you would like a more professional, refined, less uncouth description of these swanky homes, take note that I also know Elizabethan English, in addition to street vernacular. We can look at some by driving around in a white Taurus with a big dent in it, or any other car that Warren Buffet approves of.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, try ordering a custom MN MLS data package about historic Minnesota mansions for sale.

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