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Staging tricks for selling your Minneapolis home.

in Minnesota Real Estate

Home staging in Minneapolis is a relatively new phenomenon but it is catching on fast. Minneapolis home sellers want that competitive edge in this highly competitive market. Your real estate agent will give you some basic staging tips, i.e. clean, declutter, depersonalize, improve lighting, etc. But if you asked me more specific questions about the most effective colors, furniture arrangement, or other details, I would need to call in more help. I don’t do all that well with colors. Some days I even look like I got dressed in the dark!

Your best move for preparing your Minneapolis home for sale would be to hire a professional stager. In the meantime, you might pick up a few tips from top home stagers. Here are the best home staging blogs that are not afraid to give away a few trade secrets:

  • StagedHomes.com. Barb Schwartz is nationally recognized as one of the top home stagers in the country. She is a professional speaker, has appeared on national television, and is a published author. So when she posts an outline to use for preparing your home for sale, I pay attention.
  • Home Staging, Rants and Ravings. Here is a post that explores the use of red.
  • Home Staging Tips. Here’s a wonderful post about how to stage your home for Fall and Halloween.
  • Home Staging and Decorating Tips. Here’s some information about Feng Shui.
  • Home Staging. Here are ten inexpensive tips for giving a room an inexpensive face-lift.
  • Your Home and Color Coach. Use staging ideas to create a peaceful space.
  • Bay Area Real Estate, Staging, and Redesign Blog. Here’s a post about color and emotions.
  • Zillow Blog. Here’s how to stage your home by using fake furniture.

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