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Homes in Chaska, Chanhassen, Cologne, Carver, and Victoria are served by District 112, located in Chaska. The district consists of seven elementary schools, two middle schools, Pioneer Ridge Freshman Center for grade nine, one high school, and a separate school for children at the Kindergarten level. District 112 is proud to instill in its students eight core “Community Values,” which are: Citizenship; Environmentalism; Generosity; Human Worth and Dignity; Integrity; Learning; Respect for Others, and Responsibility. The Program for Academic Challenge is available to foster creative problem-solving and critical thinking at all educational levels. The instruction at Chaska also incorporates into the regular curriculum techniques used to teach gifted students, so that every student at every educational level can benefit. Each school houses computer labs, and technology is used at even the Kindergarten level to enhance students’ learning experience. Homes in Chaska Schools ISD 112 are popular with home buyers who want well equipped schools that boast the latest technology.

At the elementary level (grades one through five), basic educational and life skills are emphasized. Elementary instruction incorporates a variety of different teaching paradigms, including multiple-age grouping and the use of multiple disciplines to emphasize central themes. Even at the elementary level, Chaska strives to foster critical thinking and to encourage students to draw connections between what they learn in school and their outside world. At the elementary level, the average class size is 25 students, and the pupil-teacher ratio is 18. District 112 also offers parents the flexibility of open enrollment.

Two middle schools serve children in grade levels six through eight. The focus is on expanding basic schools learned at the elementary level, while simultaneously incorporating more advanced subject matter and themes. The average class size at the secondary level is 28 students. Students are assigned to an adviser, with whom they and a small group of their peers meet once per day. To facilitate learning and foster a sense of community, students and teachers are grouped together for certain primary subject areas. After school, middle-school students have the opportunity to enjoy a broad range of extracurricular activities at Club Mid.

Children in the ninth grade attend Pioneer Ridge Freshman Center, a separate school designed exclusively to help students make the transition from middle to high school.

Chaska High School prides itself on an intensive curriculum that is designed to prepare its students for life in a competitive world. Students benefit from a variety of courses to help prepare them for college and the job market. They may choose from among several accelerated and honors courses, as well as 18 advanced placement programs. In addition, students have the opportunity to choose up to seven classes which allow them to simultaneously earn college credit. Mentorship opportunities are also available to students.

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A few statistics: 98% of Chaska seniors graduate; approximately 89% of these students continue on to college. Chaska students have repeatedly earned test scores above the national average. The average ACT score is 22.2. The average scores on the SAT are 584 on the verbal portion of the test, and 572 on the math portion. In addition to academics, students can choose from a broad range of athletic opportunities, and as many as 22 non-athletic extra curricular opportunities to keep them occupied.

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