More Fish than Homes on Lake Marion, Lakeville

This Dakota County lake is a very clear lake (10.5 feet) which is pretty darn good for a lake around here. That’s why there is usually not a huge MLS inventory of Marion Lake homes for sale in Burnsville Consequently, you don’t need bright fishing lures here. There is even an aeration system, so the lake is well oxygenated. But it’s only 20 feet deep at the deepest point, which is just off of the point on the northeast side of the largest (south) of the three basins that make up the lake. It’s pretty big, too, which makes it a popular spot for skiing and boating. With about 560 acres, there are plenty of nooks and bays around here for fishing for just about whatever you want.

go waterskiing on Lake Marion Lakeville
Water skiing on Lake Marion, Lakeville Minnesota

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There is a city owned access on the west end, just off of 195th by Casperson Park, and at Antlers Park, on the southeast shore. Ther are 40 trailer spaces. Antlers Park has a beautiful beach, picnic areas, and playground equipment. There is also a public fishing pier.

Walleyes Lakeville!

Walleye numbers here are average in Lake Marion, but walleye length here according to the DNR is 18 inches and average weight comes in at 4.4 pounds. Walleye are managed here by the DNR, and the lake is stocked every other year with tens of thousands of fngerlings. Walleyes lurk in off the sandbars in spring, and make the usual move to deeper waters in the summer. They are looking for shiners bounced about a foot of the bottom. They like leeches too. Figure out where the walleye traffic is by picking a spot and fish it from 3pm till dark. Take notes on when you catch some and where. Then move on to another spot and do the same thing. Ok, this takes time, but don’t complain. Do you really want to be back at the office?

large lake in south central minnesota
It’s a little weedy at the public fishing pier but the fish don’t mind.

Littoral areas dominate a large percentage of the lake (484 acres) , and the eurasian milfoil is making this a good fishery for bucketmouths. Try throwing some of those artifical stink bait lizards, a leech, or a worm on top of the milfoil and see what happens. Largemouth bass numbers and sizes are on the high end of the normal range for similar lakes.

exellent beach minnesota lakefront lakeville
Public beach on Lake Marion

Fully recreational lake in dakota county
Excellent recreational facilities at the public park.

Lakeshore and Lakeville homes on Lake Marion

Quite frankly, there isn’t much for lakeshore real estate available on Lake Marion! On a wonderful lake like this, you can’t expect much housing turnover here. Right now, there is only one vacant lot and one luxury rambler available. If you want more info about these, or any other Minnesota lakeshore real estate for sale, visit the Minnesota lake home finder..

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    Hi, Vicki…

    Take the 185th St exit east to Kenwood, then go south. You will run right into it on your right side. Give me a call if you get lost.

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    How do i find the public boat landing from I35?

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    Do you have to make two circles when you boat on Lake Marion? Is there gas on the lake?

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