Lake Minnetonka Walleyes Organize Hunger Strike to Protest High Gas Prices.

“If anglers from the Minneapolis area think that they are going to catch some walleyes in Lake Minnetonka this year,” says Sherm Larson, “the only thing they will catch is a huge disappointment. All walleyes from fingerlings and older will be abstaining from all leeches, crawlers, minnows, and other delicious treats adorning hooks. I know this will require a lot of self control. Those black leeches will be especially tempting. I always like to have a few black leeches late in the evening.”

Lake Minnetonka walleye
Sherm “The Fin” Larson, Lake Minnetonka walleye activist.

Sherm “The Fin” Larson is a three year old walleye and life-long resident of Lake Minnetonka, the premier fishing and recreation lake for the Minneapolis metropolitan area. He has served as the superintendent of Lake Minnetonka School of Walleyes, He is also the leader of Shinn Finn, the militant arm of the group WHIMPER (Walleyes Hooked in Minnetonka Plan to Engage in Revolt.) According to Sherm, the high gas prices will force Minneapolis anglers to fish closer to home. “At four dollars per gallon, do you think those city people are going to tow those boats all the way from Minneapolis up to Leech Lake or Upper Red Lake? I don’t think so! They are going to be coming to Lake Minnetonka, instead. As soon as Governor Pawlenty will agree to build an LRT system up to Mille Lacs and Pelican Lake, we can call this whole thing off.”

Not all species are participating. Northern pike spokesmodel Frieda Tinselteeth stated that her group will not be part of the hunger strike. “Remember when the pike were protesting the use of weedless treble hooks on spoons? The walleyes did not want to back us up on that issue. Where was the ‘solidarity’ then? I say, let’s just chow down on those Lake Minnetonka walleyes when they get too weak to swim very well.”

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