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This data set does not include all homes currently listed on the Kasson MN MLS system, but offers information on all properties included on the idx system provided by Northstar Regional Multiple Listing Service. Please call me for a customized list of all properties listed on the local MLS system.

This Dodge County Minnesota city of 4,398 (per 2000 census) is located 13 miles west of Rochester MN along US Route 14. The city is named after an Irish settler named Jabez Hyde Kasson, and was incorporated in 1870. The location at the time was primarily prairie, so the early settlers began planting trees. The residents continue tree propagation efforts, and as a result, the city has been awarded the “Tree City USA” designation. The Kasson Alliance for Restoration has been resolute about preserving many historical features of the city, including the limestone water tower and several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Kasson MN Home Sales

According to Northstar Regional Kasson MN MLS statistics, the average sale price for homes that sold and closed during the 2007 calendar years was approximately $159,815, making this friendly little town a very affordable place to live. The average year-built for these homes is 1976.  Keep in mind that this number is skewed downward by a number of sold homes that were built in the 1800’s. Also, the data does not reflect seller contributions to buyer closing costs or other seller concessions.

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