What’s up with Lake Bavaria? (Chaska MN- Carver County)

It’s not surprising that an area like Chaska that was settled predominantly by Germans should have lake named “Bavaria.” Some of the Minnesota fishing guide books don’t mention Lake Bavaria, so I thought this Lake should get some mention somewhere. It’s only 163 acres, but still deserves some attention. After all, according to the DNR, the gill-net studies indicate that there are more northern pike here than at least 75% of similar lakes in the state. The lake reaches depths of 60 feet.

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The lake did get the attention of the DNR; the lake was used to study the impact of no-harvest regulation for largemouth bass, but it was determined that the rule did little to affect the size or numbers of bucketmouths. However, the average size of largemouth bass is quite high here compared to other lakes. The state-wide normal limit of six has been re-implemented on the lake. Other aquatic animals that abound here are painted turtle, snapping turtle, and yellow bullhead. There is a moderate population of black crappie, and a relatively low number of bluegills.

Lake Bavaria
Lake Bavaria as seen from the county-owned public access on the west end of the lake (2 mi SE of Victoria off County Rd 11 on SW shore of lake.)

There is very llittle anecdotal information about where to find fish in Lake Bavaria, and how to catch them. This seems odd. If you happen to have any Lake Bavaria fishing stories or tips, please share them at the bottom of this post.

Lakeshore property and lake home opportunities are rather limited on this lake, and homes here are generally in the $1M-3M price range. According to the Norhtstar Regional MLS statistics, only two homes sold and closed here since 2005.

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  1. David says:

    I have been fishing lake bavaria for the last 11 years. The south end of the lake is great for bass – grab a bag of sucker minnows from the local bait shop (cabin fever in victoria) and jig them about 20-40 feet out from shore. Results of this method in July in august are almost gaurenteed. The bass weigh up to five pounds but many are tagged.

    I have found the smaller northern to bite on shiny spinners and anything toting a nightcrawler and havent seen any surpassing 2′.

    The bluegil sunfish and very fair amount of crappy will bite on almost anything including garden variety canned corn on a plain hook. Most of these panfish are small and not worth any time but if you want to teach the kids this is a great way.

    Unfortunatly the lake houses a fair amount of carp which I have seen over 4′ long even dead on the beach. Milfoil is also an issue when fishing but can certainly be avoided – the Northern and Bass love to use them as an ally to snag your line.

  2. Resident says:

    I live on this lake and have owned lake shore aswell for the last two decades.

    The fishing is good, but if you would of come before the early 2000’s you would of made a killing. The reason behind this I suspect is due to the rapid developement around the lake and surrounding area thats brought in more than the lake can handle.

    The milfoil has gotten to the point where swimming or off the dock fishing has become nearly impossible in most parts, and gets worse each year.

    During the summer the lake gets easily over populated with boaters and parking ends up going up old county road 11 (even on week days). This is not mentioning the added boats and people who live on the lake itself.

    Not to sound like a lorax but Lake Waconia is a 15 min drive from Bavaria and is the largest lake in Carver county (2996 acres) with multiple accesses, parking, public beach, a lakeside restaurant in town, and has great fishing.

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