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Selling Lake Minnetonka real estate frequently involves out-of-town buyers who are not familiar with the area. In order for potential home buyers to get a visual feel for the area, as well as an understanding of local issues, I have compiled a list of the best bloggers that cover Lake Minnetonka. Perhaps they will be helpful to someone. If you are aware of any other good Lake Minnetonka blogs, please let me know, and I will include them here.

  • Here’s an article about the Port of Excelsior.
  • South Lake Minnetonka Blog. Stay on top of things like school referendums and other local issues.
  • Tonka Channels. Find out about Seamanship classes and other educational opportunities.
  • Luxist. Not a local blog, but if you check out the link, you might recognize this fabulous estate on Lake Minnetonka.
  • The People’s Guide to Lake Minnetonka Lakeshore. Check out the Minnetonka weedroller.
  • Minnetonkascenes. Great personal photos that gives visitors a good feel for the Lake Minnetonka community.

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  1. Pearl Johnson says:

    I am glad you did not list as a lakeshore source. They are a horrible site, that gives realtors and the public the idea that they market their website. On the contrary, they do very little marketing, and are falling fast in the rankings on They used to be a good source because they had lakeshore related articles. However, they have resorted to trying to sell some “bogus” seminars versus articles pertaining to lakeshore living. Tell your realtors not to bother listing with them. Plus, they are extremely expensive. They contradict themselves by calling themselves an “online lakeshore magazine”, which they are far from. Ask them what their statistics for sales of properties listed are…I guarantee they will not give you an answer.

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