Lake Minnetonka Lake Lots

You can land your seaplane on your Minnetonka lakefront shoreline, but you can’t pitch a tent here. You have to wait until you build your dream Minnesota waterfront home.

Here are some Lake Minnetonka lots that are currently listed on the Northstar Regional MLS:

If you don’t see any thumbnails for Lake Minnetonka lots in the above space, that means that there are probably not any listed on the IDX. In that case, contact us, because we can help!

They are mostly to be found in Orono, Mound, and Wayzata.  BTY:  There are not very many of them. Don’t blink.

If you are looking for a lakeshore lot on Lake Minnetonka (and who isn’t?) you don’t have to look very hard, because I just gave you a link to all of them.  Look at em and buy now or weep later.   Vacant lakeshore on Minnetonka is as scarce as “hen’s teeth.” In fact, there are only six of them (count-’em: six!) in the entire MN MLS idx system. I almost said that you could count all of them on one hand, but I wasn’t too far off in my guestimate.  Sure, some of these lots might be near tarpaper shacks, but these neighborhoods are “in transition.”  What does that term mean?  Well, I will be the first to admit that this is just a high-falutin two-bit term that won’t get you a cup of coffee.  If you ask your favorite MN lakeshore real estate agent, he will tell you that this means that homes in the area are getting torn down and replaced with more grandiose dwellings suited for the rich and famous.  You might also be able to buy one if you don’t dawdle.  It’s time to get on the stick and make a deliberate decision.  (Don’t worry, the decision is easier than deciding who to marry.  Besides, the lakefront will last forever, but the spouse might not.  You could also sell the Minnetonka lakefront for money in the future.  In Minnesota, it is illegal to do this with your spouse.)  It is hard to go wrong on any of of these waterfront lots.  If you were smart, you would buy all of them.  The ice age that created this shoreline is long gone, and it won’t be back anytime soon, according to Al Gore.

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