Homes on Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis for Sale

If you dream big, you might dream of living in a home near Lake of the Isles. If you are delusional, you might dream of living in a home ON Lake of the Isles. However, such a possibility of homes ON Lake of the Isles with actual lakeshore frontage

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does not exist. The lake is encompassed by blacktopped walking and roller-blading trails that meander around the irregular lakeshore. If you are looking for luxury Minneapolis real estate, this is the place to look.

The rest of us might well be satisfied by using the carry-down access to the lake to launch our canoes or inflatable rafts. If you are fishing here, it is a good idea to bring a watercraft of some sort, as long as it isn’t propelled by anything more than an electric motor. The weeds make shore fishing very difficult. However, Lake of the Isles has a few deep spots that hide walleyes. The lake is stocked with hybrid muskies, and fish in excess of 40 inches have been pulled out of this little 109 acre body of water. Live on one of these luxury homes on Lake of the Isles, and you really should buy a fishing pole.

lake of the isles - south minneapolis lake

Homes on Lake of the Isles

At the time of this post, I could only find five homes on Lake of the Isles (lake views.) The carry-home message here, is that if you want one of these mansions, you should do your homework in advance so you are ready to act decisively. A tour of the homes on Lake of the Isles include architectural eye-candy by Tim Quigley, a 500 square foot kitchen, a third-floor ballroom, a brick English Country Home, or a six bedroom, six bath home with a grand staircase in the foyer. Average asking price here is only $1,986,800, at an average cost per square foot of about $342.00. Living in one of these homes on Lake of the Isles is more affordable here than you might have thought.

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