Killer Muskies in Lake Rebecca?

In 1995, a boy who was swimming in Lake Rebecca was bitten by a muskie. The wound required about thirty stitches! Upon further examination, MN DNR found a whole in the curtain that surrounded the beach area. They discovered the culprit- a thirteen pound muskellunge!

The DNR stocked muskie fingerlings here in 1999, and and had high hopes for developing the lake as a breeding place for muskies. However, their numbers have since declined, and so have the DNR’s hopes. There is a minimum size limit of 40 inches for muskies. However, there are good numbers of bass that have made their home near the outlet to the Crow River. Good old black plastic worms cast along the weedlines should do the trick. Walleyes can be caught in the deep part of the lake, which is near the northeast corner. However, there seem to be more bluegills in this lake than anything else. The good news about this lake is that common carp and bullheads are low in numbers here.

Lake Rebecca is a 254 acre lake located between Delano and Rockford, in Hennepin County Minnesota. The surface area is 254 acres and about half of it is littoral. Water clarity is 2.5 ft and it is thirty feet at its deepest point. There is a concrete ramp at the northwest corner, and enough room to park 28 trailers. Only electric trolling motors are allowed.

Homes on Lake Rebecca

There aren’t any lake homes here!  Lake Rebecca is entirely surrounded by park reserve.  However, you can display nearly all Hennepin County lake homes that are currently available on the MN MLS by using the link below:

Browse Minnesota lake homes by county!

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