Lake Superior Cabins and Beaver Bay MN Lakeshore

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Photo: Blue Anchor Cafe Bakery and Deli, Beaver Bay, MN.

If you are driving up the scenic North Shore looking for Lake Superior cabins, don’t blink; you might miss a sighting of Beaver Bay MN, a town in Lake County with a population of 181 humans, 890,000 lake trout, 1,874,000 white tail deer, 7800 black bear, and about four billion mosquitoes. (Don’t worry about the mosquitoes too much; if your Lake Superior cabin is right on the water, the breeze from the lake will help keep the mosquitoes at bay. Cheap cigars also help.)

Here are some great Beaver Bay MN lakeshore properties on Lake Superior and other nearby Minnesota lakes in Lake County:

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Don’t forget to stop by the Blue Anchor Cafe Bakery & Deli along Highway 61 in Beaver Bay, a charming little restaurant that offers the best hot breakfast, soups, burgers and fries. You might also want to stop by the Northern Lights restaurant for fresh fish, or the Lemon Wolf Cafe for steaks.

Time to Buy Lake Superior Cabins in Beaver Bay, Minnesota

Now that your stomach is full, consider living here. The local cuisine is tops, as well as the fishing and hunting. Also, this may be the best chance you will ever have to purchase real estate along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. Prices are great, rates are low, and Minnesota lake homes are still some of the best long-term investments around. You don’t have to limit yourself to Lake Superior cabins, there hare plenty of other Beaver Bay lakeshore homes on other pristine Minnesota lakes in this area.

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