Lake Superior Cabins: Silver Bay MN Lakeshore

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It’s just a short drive from Duluth..maybe about an hour or so, and only about three and a half hours north of Minneapolis to Lake Superior cabins and Silver Bay MN lakeshore fun, and it is well worth it.

If you don’t think you can handle the drive (you wuss!) then you should just live here year round because everything you need in life is right here. There is hunting, fishing, boating, poker, and drinking. Nope… no need to go back unless you have to attend a funeral or something… Otherwise, why go back?

Check out these cute, quaint, and rustic Lake Superior Cabins in Silver Bay:

View ALL Lake Superior cabins and Silver Bay MN lakeshore homes at this link.

In fact, let the kids and grandkids drive up to see you instead. Here’s the rub… if you own one of these nice Silver Bay Lake Superior cabins or lakeshore homes, the in-laws will be hanging around more often. Sorry.. not much I can do about that. Maybe if you make them clean fish they will go home. Yeah, and you can bet they will be up here too for smelting in the spring, too, which is just one more excellent excuse for a party.

Speaking of grandkids… it’s time to start making memories instead of regrets by buying a lake home on Lake Superior in Silver Bay. Do you think your grandkids will want to come visit you if you end up growing old in a one-level villa townhome in Blaine? (What the heck is a “villa,” anyway?) ?? Borrrring! Nope. You will die old and lonely and regret not having spent more of your life fishing.

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