Lakeville MN real estate agent has the benefit of twenty years of service with the local police department.

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If Tom Hakala is telling you about real estate and neighborhoods in Lakeville, you better listen up. Does Tom know all about every community issue that might affect you ? You bet. Does he know every street, every neighborhood, and every important city official in town? You better believe it. After all, Tom has had a broad and comprehensive experience with the Lakeville MN police department. His resume includes everything from SWAT Team negotiator to service as a DARE instructor. In addition to all of that, Tom has lived in town for over 24 years.

lakeville mn real estate agentBut does he know anything about the Lakeville real estate market? Well, Tom has been a real estate investor since 2002. Tom is also a licensed Minnesota real estate broker, and has helped people buy and sell many homes for several years. His portfolio includes both successful investments and glowing testimonials from satisfied clients.

Can he help you negotiate the best terms for your transaction? Keep in mind that Tom is a trained SWAT Team negotiator. Therefore Tom will have no trouble helping your potential buyer or seller get a better grip on reality. Also Tom has served as a crime scene analyst. He can help you find the clues and information that you need to make the best decisions.

In spite of all of the tough and rigorous police training he has under his belt, Tom has a warm, affable demeanor and a good sense of humor. All of us at Independent Brokers Realty are excited about the launch of his new Lakeville real estate blog, and plans to use it as a way of providing information and deepening his professional and personal connections with the community.


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