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The city of Lakeville is served by nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. All buildings in the district provide instruction in computer literacy, and all students have access to modern technology and the internet. The district boasts a superbly educated teaching staff; approximately 66% of Lakeville’s teachers have earned their master’s degree. Lakeville also offers a pre-school, as well as before and after school childcare services. General youth and adult classes are available through Lakeville’s generous Community Education Program.

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 Serving grades one through five, Lakeville’s elementary schools focus on providing students with basic educational skills. With regard to literacy education, the focus in on providing a “balanced” approach to learning by providing instruction in speaking, reading and writing. Science courses are designed to be interesting and allow students to use creativity by providing fun, hands-on experiences. At the elementary level, the average class size is 22, and the pupil-teacher ratio is 17 pupils per teacher. Open enrollment is available.

Lakeville’s middle schools provide instruction for students in grades six through eight. Students and teachers are divided into teams for a closer, more collaborative learning experience throughout the eight-period school day. The district strives to provide interesting and creative lessons to engage students, and believes this is the most effective learning environment for middle school students.

Lakeville has two high schools, one of which recently opened in 2005. High schools offer students more than 175 courses in 17 different departments for a comprehensive learning experience. Students can gain a competitive edge by choosing among 14 advanced placement courses. 75% of students score above 3 on advanced placement exams. The schools also offer students a choice of 46 extracurricular activities to enhance the high school experience; 28 of these activities are non-athletic.

Lakeville has an excellent outstanding academic program, and its students have repeatedly scored high on achievement tests and college entrance exams. The district’s average ACT score is 22.9. The average SAT scores are 659 for the verbal portion of the test, and 644 for the math portion. An impressive 99% of Lakeville’s high school seniors graduate, and 91% of these students continue their education in college. ISD 194 Lakeville MN school system is proud of its reputation.

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