Lakeville MN Townhomes Ain’t So Bad, Either!

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You can see Lakevillle MN townhomes right away!

I know we were just discussing Eagan townhomes, but Lakeville isn’t really that much farther, and also gives you the benefit of being along major highways just a few minutes south of Minneapolis. You already have heard about the high quality of life in Lakeville, i.e. parks, schools, and other perks. Perhaps you can’t afford a single family home here. Well, I’m here to tell you, Lakeville MN townhomes aren’t a bad alternative. It’s surprising how much town house you will get out here for the money. They are mostly rather new, too! Fees are extremely low, and you can take your pick of some very nice clean units under 200K with three bedrooms on one level, three baths, a two car garage, and a ferris wheel (just kidding.. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.)

What will really blow your mind is that you can find some nice, newer three bedroom Lakeville MN townhomes in Fox Meadows that contain four bathrooms, including TWO FULL baths! Quite frequently, we get asked for townhomes with a minimum of two full baths, especially from people who are planning to rent out to roommates to cover the house payment (How sweet is that?)

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