Leech Lake MN Homes on Lakeshore: A Walleye Petting Zoo Near Your Cabin

Here are some Leech Lake MN properties that were posted to the MLS recently:

Check out ALL Leech Lake lakeshore properties for sale.

If you don’t want to read all of this, you can just start browsing browsing for cabins by clicking on thumbnails or the above link.. I don’t blame you. You just want to catch fish. You are better off buying some fine Minnesota Leech Lake lakeshore  right now so you can start walleye fishing right away.

Every time I pass through Walker MN, I like to stop and visit the friendly Minnesota walleyes . For a small fee, (the cost of a Minnesota fishing license) you can pet the nice walleyes as they come up to your boat at night. It is so fun to watch them eat black leeches out of your hand. This is a family event you won’t want to miss. Your grandchildren will remember it forever.

Or, you may prefer to kill those nice fish and eat them. They are so easy, it hardly seems like sportsmanship. This is another great reason for buying Leech Lake MN homes and lakeshore. It’s more like mass murder with tasty victims. This lake has become the premier Minnesota lake for walleye production. I am not going to tell you how to find them or what to use for bait, because I think you can figure it out. In fact, the walleyes will be chasing your boat. If you go too slow, you might catch your limit too soon. The limit is four, with a protected slot limit of 18-24 inches. You can keep one fish that is over 24 inches.  However, buy waterfront here and I might start telling secrets.

I knew of an old woman (now deceased) who used to throw big beef bones off of the end of the dock at her Walker Bay cabin and she claimed she could catch walleyes any time she wanted to.  Please note that I am not recommending this or any quasi-legal fishing methods.

However, I will tell you how to catch the crappies and bluegills. Just set your boat in a shallow bay and cast jigs with waxworms. I like to use corn. It’s cheaper, and it really works. Also, there are some nice largemouth bass in Leech Lake. Check out Leech Lake ricebeds to find these bucketmouths.

Lakeshore and Homes on Leech Lake for Sale

Right now, there are about 100 Leech Lake MN lake homes and cabins on the Northstar MLS systemn (at the time of this writing.)  Are there more that aren’t on the MLS? Well, I don’t know if we should share our favorite house-finding sites with the unwashed masses, but for you, my friend, we might just show you where the best ones are.

The average Leech lake homes and cabins here cost about $600,000, but the little “panhouses” and “bluegill cabins” as we call them,  can be found here too.  About a dozen or so are less than 300K. Municipalities along the lakeshore include Walker, Federal Dam, and Cass Lake.  It doesn’t matter which town you buy your next Leech Lake home in.  It’s all the same lake, silly!



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