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Are you looking for Mankato homes? Do you know this area? Did you know that the city council is considering changing the name to “Womankato” to be politically correct?*

Mankato Homes are Closer than You Think

You probably best know Mankato for MSU and maybe if you live in the Twin Cities for hockey games at the college. You may even be wondering why a Twin Cities real estate website has an article about Mankato homes. First of all, we do have a network of local agents that cover this area, and secondly, Mankato is a commutable distance to Minneapolis. It’s an easy shot up MN 169, but I cannot recommend speeding because MN 169 is crawling with highway patrol cars. If you have been down to MSU for hockey games, you already know that this trip does not take long. Thirdly, Mankato homes will give you way more house for your money than those first, second or third tier suburbs of the Twin Cities. Besides, there are so many big city amenities that you will find that living in Mankato homes is just as convenient, plus we don’t have the traffic jams, crime, and high cost of living that you will see closer in to the Twin Cities metro area.

Here are the top Northstar MLS/IDX listings for Mankato homes that are currently available:

See ALL Mankato homes for sale courtesy of Northstar. This includes single family Mankato MN homes, townhomes, condos, and luxury homes for sale.

Need more reasons for buying Mankato homes? Why do you need more? Well, here is one for you: Mankato is home to the Slare/Far Fissure, a crack in the earth’s crust that takes in water and heats it to well over 165 degrees, and sends it back up to the earth through boil homes and steam pits, actually warming the surface so much that some neighborhoods of Mankato homes have never seen winter temperatures drop below 70 degrees. There is also a wonderful bike trail that runs from Mankato all the way to Faribault Minnesota.

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*Just kidding.  If you are mad about this dumb joke, let me know by leaving a comment below.  Don’t worry… you won’t hurt my feelings.  Most people who own Mankato homes have a sense of humor, so it is up to you to figure out if you will fit-in here with the locals or not.

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