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Maplewood is 50 years old in 2007. The city has been celebrating all year; the next anniversary celebration will be a Halloween Hoedown. The citizens of Maplewood have much to celebrate. The political turmoil within city government has been a sideshow for the metro area, with characters and hard feelings that rival those seen on any soap opera. City Pages calls Maplewood the “most dysfunctional suburb in the metro.” In spite of this, the city still offers an excellent quality of life. The locals don’t seem to bothered about all of the political intrigue; only 12% of the population turned out to vote in the last city election. This inner ring suburb with a population of 35,000 is home to 3M. It also is home to Myth, a huge, multilevel nightclub built with a capacity for a crowd of 4,000. Maplewood can also boast that its average household annual income exceeds 50,000. Housing ranges from post WW2 construction to more upscale developments. Surrounding communities know Maplewood for St. John’s Hospital, and also for its super-regional shopping mall which includes Macy’s, Sears, Kohl’s, and JC Penny. All of this only 10 minutes from downtown St. Paul.

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Maplewood City Hall
1830 County Road B East
Maplewood, MN 55109
Police Department
Community Center

Homes in Maplewood MN

Right now, the Maplewood MLS region contains about 210 single family homes for sale; the average asking price is $295,131. Maplewood homes are affordable. There is still a good selection of homes available under 200k. New homes are being built by Delaney for about 400k; Delaney is better known for building upper bracket homes. There are about 100 or so Maplewood townhomes and condos for sale in all styles. This town will give you a lot of house for the money.

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