Your Martinique Abacoa Jupiter Real Estate Connection

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Looking for a break from the Minnesota winter and thinking about Florida homes in beautiful, sunny Martinique Abacoa? This is your chance to get some good deals. Sales for Martinique Abacoa Jupiter homes were in the doldrums this winter, and now it is getting to off-season and the bargains are really out there right now. Sell your Minneapolis home and get outta here!

Visit Ellen’s Martinique Abacoa real estate website and see all of the homes for sale, and not just Ellen’s listing.

Ellen’s From New York!

Ellen Lillian is a crackerjack Martinique Aboacoa Jupiter real estate agent who knows her market well and knows where the deals are. Some of the native Floridians who are real estate agents  are a bit too laid back, but not Ellen. Ellen does not run on Florida time. Ellen runs on New York time, and she will run circles around the local agents. If you are a Martinique Abacoa real estate agent from New York, people will want you as your agent on the basis of that fact alone! A New York real estate agent’s work ethic is almost as strong as what you find among Minnesotans. Can she negotiate in your behalf? Are you kidding? She’s from New York! For Ellen, negotiating with Floridians is like shooting fish in a barrel!  Do you need some money for mortgage financing?  Ellen can help you get the best deals on that too!

Your Real Estate Agent for Martinique Abacoa

martinique abacoa home seller

Ellen Lillian

Ellen might be an aggressive Martinique Abacoa real estate agent but you could mistake her for a Minnesotan because she is “Minnesota nice!” She knows the market, the schools, the local issues, and resale factors that could impact future value. More importantly, she looks after the interests of her clients.

Call for an appointment to go see some nice homes in Martinique Abacoa Jupiter Florida! Call before you fall on the ice and break another hip! You aren’t getting any younger, you know!

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