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image from farmers market minneapolis
Photo from Farmer’s Market, Minneapolis MN.

Here are a few of my favorite Minneapolis blogs. My selection includes heavy emphasis on images, city information, food, and beer. All of these are worth checking out and bookmarking. Some of these contain more controversial topics from a variety of perspectives. Please note that just because I read the blogs does not mean that I endorse the opinions of all of them.

  • Wowflutter.com is a blog that focuses on urban policy, planning, architecture and photography. It is also an excellent place to keep up with local urban policy and issues. For example, the post called Open Discussion: Southwest Transitway Light Rail Line explores proposed routes into downtown Minneapolis, with maps and documentation that you just won’t find on local newspaper sites. It also covers everything from parking ramp closings to pictures of apartment buzzers.
  • Overheard in Minneapolis is a blog that eavesdrops on conversations that are so strange, that they could not have possibly be made up.
  • Ride Boldly is an excellent resource for local bicyclists. For example there is a very useful post on Bridge Reconstruction that explains how everyday bike routes are impacted by the 35W bridge collapse.
  • MNSpeak.com is a news aggregator of approximately 200 Minnesota authored blogs and media sources.
  • Scott McGerik’s Weblog reviews the finest places for eating and drinking. Scott’s log covers everything from sake to sushi to brewpubs, and more. If I hadn’t read his post about Obento Ya, I would not have thought to try it out.
  • Twins Nation bills itself as the “ultimate source for Minnesota Twins community news and commentary.’ An apt description. If you read this blog, you might have been one of the first to know about some of the recent Twins Trades. Check it out.
  • Metroblogging Twin Cities Good local resource. Useful posts like the one about 35W Bridge Collapse traffic re-routes.
  • Raw Food! Right Now! Raw in the Real World. Heidi and Justin Ohlander are local raw foodists of note. I’m not ready to give up my Juicy Lucy hamburger quite yet, but if you are headed in that direction, you should check out Knights of the Raw Table post.
  • Buddha Patriot “A Lutheran Buddhist Neoconservative from the Midwest” Although I am none of these things (except for the “from the midwest” part) somehow the blogger makes all of these labels work together on himself and his thinking. He has a post with a trailer that promotes a film called “Indoctrinate U“.
  • TwinCitiesRestaurantBlog.com. If you are new to the area and are looking for good BBQ, read Market Bar-B-Que.
  • Anti-Strib.com has a post called “We have the money!” which asks thought provoking questions like “was it necessary to spend $30 million for a bear exhibit at the zoo? Was it necessary to spend a million dollars on a Viking ship replica in Moorhead?” There are posts by someone named “Kermit” at this blog, but I assure you it is not myself. I don’t agree with everything on the site, but this blog is an anitdote to the pablum served up by the dying Star Tribune. This blog really knows how to get reactions and comments.
  • The Bottle Gang “The Sophisticated Guide to Twin Cities Drinking” features a famous drink from The Simpsons called “The Flaming Moe.”
  • MnBeer. This is the definitive guide to finding fine beer and brew pubs in the Twin Cities. Check out the review of Common Roots Cafe.
  • Lloydletta’s Nooz and Comments “Commentary on Politics, People and the News – especially in Minnesota.” The post Is Minnesota Monitor Just Democratic Shills tells us that Klobuchar signed on to Bush’s FISA surveilance program and wiretap without court order practices. Extrajudicial evesdropping now has bipartisan support. Incredible.
  • Girl Friday “Confessions of a Minneapolis Concierge” Posts like Stella’s is Open tell us where to dine and what places to avoid.
  • Blogumentary. Armed with a video camera and a blog, the author is an apostle of Citizen Journalism.
  • Aaron Landry. Great photoblog and comments about life around town, like his experience at Buster’s on 28th Avenue, Minneapolis. A commenter stated that the restaurant has a faux “Juicy Lucy” that is really good.
  • Capitol Brew-haha. Read Brew News and you will see that this guy knows the Twin Cities beer scene.
  • The Deets. Ed Kohler give us an important spelling lesson in Jucy Lucy vs. Juicy Lucy.
  • Twin Cities Hot Spots “The hottest restaurants, bars and night clubs in Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota are reviewed.” Read about a restaurant in that uses only foods indigenous to the area at Heartland Contemporary Midwestern Restaurant.
  • Uptown Mpls Blog I like the photos here, like the ones at Uptown Bus Shelter.
  • Shoefiti. “Shoefiti is the term used to describe shoes hanging from powerlines.” Ed Kohler is a Minneapolis blogger that writes about the art of shoetossing in posts like Shoeshoes.
  • Culture Bully is a Minneapolis-based music blog that provides daily updates including news, band features, album reviews and interviews on both national and local levels.

Do you have any favorite Minneapolis blogs? Let me know about them, and I might share them on this site!


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  1. kristi says:

    Thanks for the shout-out on the restaurant reviews! They will be growing over time!!

  2. Tom says:

    Sure, I’m biased, but give this local blog a try when you’re looking for a cheap beer or a good beer cheap: http://twincitiesbeerprices.com/

  3. Kristin says:

    Hey…love your list! I write Off The Eaten Path for Lavender magazine, but also have a personal blog that I just started… I will review restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and anything else related to the Twin Cities. Check it out~

  4. Michelle says:

    My husband and I moved to the Minneapolis in August and I’ve been perusing blogs written by Minnesota natives for the scoop on the Twin Cities. I love your list, it’s very informative :)

  5. scott says:

    Now this is a cool, easy to read, easy to look at, great blog!
    Keep up the good blogging.

  6. MagicBrad says:

    Thanks for doing this. It’s good to know which Twin Cities areas are buying homes and also doing HOME IMPROVEMENTS.


  7. Amanda says:

    Well, I’d love to give my on blog a shout out… I have a mommy blog and a baking blog.

    Lots of great Valentines stuff on my baking blog right now.


  8. nokohaha says:

    I love these blogs! Thanks!

  9. lighting gal says:

    Hey thanks for the great list of blogs. We are just working on our blog and this is a great resource. Thanks again. LG

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