Best Fishing Lakes in Minnesota



This close relative of the sauger is by far the most prized game fish in Minnesota. It’s also the best fish to eat- nice big fat white fillets and a fresh, delicate flavor. The average walleye caught in Minnesota is just a hair over a pound and about 14 inches long. The state record is 17 pounds 8 ounces at 35.8 inches. The walleye gets its name from a pearly layer of pigment in the eye that helps it see at night. Most people in the state instantly think of Leech lake near Walker.  Here are some more  the best Minnesota lakes for walleye…

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Largemouth Bass

largemouth bass

These fish know how put up fight. That is why we like them. Minnesota is becoming a popular place for holding bass fishing tournaments. The state record is 8 pounds 15 ounces, at 23.5 inches. I like fishing for them in the shallow spots in Spring Lake in Scott County.  Here are the best Minnesota lakes for largemouth bass…

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Smallmouth Bass

“Bronzebacks” are the strongest fish for their size. Hang on or one of these might pull your rod right out of your hands.  You might even fall out of the boat trying to hang on. Get one of these babies on your hook and you will have your work cut out for you. Here are the best small mouth bass lakes in Minnesota.

Sunfish and Crappies

small sunfish

These panfish are the most commonly caught fish in the state. Kids love ’em because they are so easy to catch, and it usually doesn’t take a lot of patience. I like them for the same reason.  There are plenty of good opportunities to catch black crappie and bluegill sunfish right in Minneapolis Here’s where to find the best Minnesota panfish lakes.


Muskies are so-named because they have been known to eat muskrats, as well as ducklings and other fish. Many metro lakes are well stocked with Muskies, but they aren’t that easy to catch. But here is where to look for the best Minnesota lakes for Muskies

Northern Pike

northern pike

These monsters are eating machines, and this makes them relatively easy to catch. Trophy fish frequently exceed 20 pounds, although the average is about two to three pounds. Northerns are found all over the state, but here are the best MN lakes for northern pike.

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What are your top fishing lakes in Minnesota? Maybe you want to keep that a secret. If you are willing to share, use the comment form, and I will be glad to post them.  If you have an especially good one, just send me an email and I won’t tell anyone.