Top dozen Minnesota photoblogs.

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calhoun minneapolis mn
Sundown over Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis MN.

  • ageekwithacamera. Seems like a lot of the shots are from the Duluth area, perhaps including Early Summer Camping.”
  • 640× Can’t figure out too much about who does this blog, but there is a ginormous number of wonderful photos, including one of this woman.
  • Bill’s Photo Gallery. From Duluth area. See “Moose Lake MN.”
  • I wish I had photos like this on my Minnesota real estate pages.

  • Rad Brad Photos. Seems to be a lot of Minnesota photos here, like “Pelicans.” Hard to stop looking at.
  • Moeview. Particularly good photos like “Old Stars.”
  • pmPilgrim. Local photoblogger. Work speaks for itself, i.e. posts like Hangin’ On.
  • Shifting Pixel. Professional photographer. Here’s a photo of Lake Superior.
  • gholmes. Photoblog by former operator of US Air Force Photo Lab. Visit “St. Louis River.”
  • janellestreed. Poet and wedding photographer turned out to be a nature photographer. Check out this photo of a loon.


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  1. Joe Lencioni says:

    Kermit, thanks for including my site in your list. I’ll have to check out some of the others here.

  2. Joe Lencioni says:

    Oh, the 640×480 guy’s name is Michal Daniel and he takes all of his photos on his Handspring Visor (essentially an old Palm Pilot). Here’s some more information about his site.

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey thanks for the mention. I’m originally from Minnetonka, but now live in Spain and run a Wine website called Catavino.

    Nice to hear from home though! Cheers,

  4. Thanks for the mention however the archive with the Loon shot has been deleted. Please stop by Webshots to see other Loon, Lake and wildlife photos shot in and around Minnesota.

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