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Top dozen Minnesota photoblogs.

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calhoun minneapolis mn
Sundown over Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis MN.

  • ageekwithacamera. Seems like a lot of the shots are from the Duluth area, perhaps including Early Summer Camping.”
  • 640×480.net. Can’t figure out too much about who does this blog, but there is a ginormous number of wonderful photos, including one of this woman.
  • Bill’s Photo Gallery. From Duluth area. See “Moose Lake MN.”
  • I wish I had photos like this on my Minnesota real estate pages.

  • Rad Brad Photos. Seems to be a lot of Minnesota photos here, like “Pelicans.” Hard to stop looking at.
  • Moeview. Particularly good photos like “Old Stars.”
  • pmPilgrim. Local photoblogger. Work speaks for itself, i.e. posts like Hangin’ On.
  • Shifting Pixel. Professional photographer. Here’s a photo of Lake Superior.
  • gholmes. Photoblog by former operator of US Air Force Photo Lab. Visit “St. Louis River.”
  • janellestreed. Poet and wedding photographer turned out to be a nature photographer. Check out this photo of a loon.

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