How a Minnesota Realtor Can Help You.

The Minnesota REALTOR® you select to work with could be one of your most valuable resources. REALTORS® have taken additional steps to become members of the local board of REALTORS® and have agreed to act under and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. (Some real estate agents have only become licensed by their state to sell homes.)

A Minnesota REALTOR® can analyze your finaincial situation and help you determine how much of a house you can purchase. A REALTOR® can suggest ways to secure down payment, and locate alternate financing options. A REALTOR may be aware of special financing programs available for your community

In addition to knowing the local lending resources, a REALTOR® may be able to tell you what is required by lenders to secure a loan, where to find alternate financing, and if there are any special home financing programs available for your community.

A Minnesota REALTOR® is familiar with current real esate values, taxes, utility costs, city services, MUSA lines, zoning, land development, resale histories of neighborhoods, municipal inspection requirements, market trends, and many other factors that could affect your decision to buy a house.

Your REALTOR® can access the Multiple Listing service to do advance research on your housing needs, examine neighborhood resale trends, a market analysis on properties you are planning to buy or sell, and give you up to the minute information on new listings. This information on the MLS is more detailed than what is available on the public internet real estate portals.

Your Minnesota REALTOR® can save you time by showing you only properties that meet your specific housing and financial requirements.

Your REALTOR® can suggest simple improvements that can add resale value to your property. Your REALTOR® can also determine what prospective buyers are looking for in a home, and keep you on top of new housing trends.

Your REALTOR® is an expert on the home-buying and home selling process, and can guide you through it step by step. Your REALTOR may be able to help you negotiate terms that are most favorable for you. Your REALTOR®
knows the steps to a successful sales contract.

Your Minnesota REALTOR® knows the best high-tech and traditional marketing methods for your property and your neighborhood. Your REALTOR® may have a large referral database and may even know potential buyers for your home.