Minnetonka MN Schools ISD 276

Minnetonka is well known for providing an outstanding educational experience for its students. The district boasts a dedicated and talented student body, highly qualified instructors, high parental involvement and community support, and a rigorous academic curriculum designed to give students a competitive edge for their future. Six of the district’s schools have received 5-Star ratings in such core subjects as reading and math, and each school has been awarded at least four stars in every other academic area.

District 276 has six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. A center for early childhood education is available for children between birth and age 5 to jump-start their learning experience. Students in Kindergarten through grade five attend elementary school, where the emphasis is on providing highly personalized instruction in small class sizes. The average class size is just 21 students, and the pupil-teacher ratio is 16 students per teacher. Students early on learn such important values as character, behavior, respect, responsibility, and the importance of community service. Certified teaching staff provide instruction in art, physical education, and music. Open enrollment is available to accommodate student needs.

Computer literacy is an important part of education in Minnetonka schools, and instruction in computers starts as early as Kindergarten. The district is dedicated to providing students with access to state-of-the-art technology. Minnetonka has obtained funding approval for $3 million for technology infrastructure improvements through the year 2012. District 276 has been the recipient of two national awards in recognition of its dedication to providing students with access to and instruction in the latest technology.

Students in grades six through eight attend middle school, where competence in core academic skills is demanded of each student. Students and teachers are organized into groups to provide students with a more personalized learning experience. Students seeking a challenge have the opportunity to take accelerated courses in math, language arts, and science. Extracurricular opportunities are available both before and after regular school hours to round out students’ educational experience.

Minnetonka high school students are among the highest academic achievers in the state of Minnesota; students repeatedly rank among the highest on state and national exams. 84% of students score a 3 or above on advanced placement tests. Minnetonka students also perform exceptionally well on standardized college entrance exams. The average ACT score for the district is 24.5. The average SAT scores for the district are 607 for the verbal component, and 605 for the math component.

Minnetonka also boasts a 99% high school graduation rate, and 88% of graduating students continue their education in college. District 276 has an excellent track record of preparing its students for the rigors of college academics. The district offers 18 college-level advanced placement courses, as well as the opportunity to participate in the prestigious International Baccalaureate Program. In addition, students have the flexibility to choose from more than 200 challenging academic courses.

In the non-academic arena, Minnetonka students are every bit as successful as they are in academics. They have won numerous state and national awards for various non-athletic extracurricular achievements, and most of the district’s athletic teams have earned state titles.

Minnetonka Schools (ISD 276)

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