Homes on Mitchell Lake, Eden Prairie MN

If you want to find a lake home in the greater Minneapolis real estate market that is part of an excellent school district, check out real estate on Mitchell Lake in Eden Prairie Minnesota. In addition to the convenient location and year-round lake shore enjoyment, you will benefit from one of the most durable housing markets in the entire Twin Cities area.

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Mitchell Lake is a smaller body of water just south of Highway 5 and west of Eden Prairie Road, providing the northern boundary for Miller Park. It’s only 112 acres, and is 18 feet at its deepest, so you can only have a 10 hp motor on it. There is a concrete access ramp in Miller Park.

Water clarity is 1.5 to 3 feet deep, depending on your data source. This is not bad, considering that most suburban lakes of this size have a clarity of 1.5 feet or less. There is some bluegreen algae contamination however. To get the blue green algal blooms under control, the city will be considering purchasing or renting Solar Bees. These energy saving devices circulate water to bring harmful blue green algae below the surface, while bringing helpful green algae up to the top. This is important because blue green algae tends to stay on the surface, and prevents the healthy growth of green algae.

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The fish do well in this lake, and there is some good smallmouth bass fishing from the shoreline. Also, there are some above-average sized white crappie in this lake. According to the DNR, walleye populations are rather thin. However, I know someone who fishes from shoreline with black leeches and makes claims to catching some respectable walleyes.

Finding Real Estate on Mitchell Lake in Eden Prairie MN

This lake isn’t very large, so finding lakeshore property in this high demand neighborhood is a bit of a challenge. The west side of the lake is bounded by the Shores of Mitchell Lake development, and the eastern side by Weston Bay, Timber Lakes, and Terry Pines Additions. At the time of this post, the Northstar Regional Eden Prairie MLS offers six single family lakeshore homes here; the average asking price is $638,600. The average age built is 1970, although this number is rather meaningless, because it currently includes a low-priced older farm home. Almost all of the homes here were built in the 80’s and 90’s.

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