Selling your home during the holidays?

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Minnesota home sale in winter

Minnesota home sellers all know that home showings drop off every year beginning about the middle of November. But the winter months are actually a good time to sell your home. In fact, January and February are banner sales months for me. December is usually not so bad either.

Wait a minute.. Didn’t I just say that showings drop off about now? That sounds contradictory. That seems counter-intuitive. So why should you try to sell your home over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year?

  • Yes, the number of showings go down. But the quality of showings go up. Buyers looking this time of year are pre-approved and determined to buy a house. The weather keeps the “tire-kickers” and “looky-lous” at home. Because the number of lookers goes down, real estate agents can focus harder on finding houses for solid buyers. They don’t have to waste time trying to figure out which prospects are true buyers and which ones are “slugs.” Realtors can work more effectively and efficiently to find the right house for the buyers. The buyer who wants to look at your home on Thanksgiving or the day before Christmas is going to buy something!
  • If the holiday decorating is not excessive and is done in good taste, the home will actually look more appealing this time of year. Christmas trimmings enhance the appearance of the home.
  • Christmas season always makes people think more about their family. People who are thinking of family are more interested in thoughts of “home” and are emotionally prepped to buy one.
  • More corporate transfers and relocations occur around the first of the year than any other time of year.
  • Traditionally, the ratio of real buyers to listings is higher this time of year. This year could be a little different than previous ones because some home inventory has accumulated. But, contrary to my advice, many of these home sellers will take their homes off the market for Christmas
  • Apartment dwellers start thinking about real estate before homeowners do. They feel couped up. The worse the weather, the worse the cabin fever becomes. They are already thinking about spring, and owning a home by spring. Homeowners, on the other hand, typically don’t think about selling until they have had a good spring thaw, the garage has been cleaned, and the income taxes have been completed. As spring wears on, more “for sale” signs will be seen. There will be more listings out there to compete with yours if you decide to wait till April or May.
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