Reasons for Buying Minnesota Log Homes and Cabins

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Should you buy Minnesota log homes? The answer is a resounding “YES!” However, I would qualify that by saying that not all log houses are the same. Contact us, and we can help you with the due-diligence needed to make a wise buying selection.

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Good Reasons for Buying MN Log Homes

  • Minnesota log homes offer stronger aesthetic appeal than conventional homes. If they are built in forest or along Minnesota lakeshore, they compliment the beauty of the landscape rather than detract from it.
  • Log houses create a relaxing atmosphere and they harmonize visually with the natural Minnesota environment.
  • Minnesota log houses are enduring and last for many generations. In Europe, there are log homes that are still standing after several hundred years.
  • Energy efficiency due to the high thermal mass is a major benefit. The R-values for walls of log homes greatly exceeds those of conventional homes.
  • The Log Homes Council states that they are more fire resistant. Your Minnesota log home will have a one-hour fire resistance for four inches, and 1/2 hour for every two additional inches in thickness.
  • Minnesota log homes and cabins stand up to the elements and are more storm- proof than conventional homes. Log homes in the southeastern United States have withstood severe hurricanes, including Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Andrew.
  • Log homes are “green.”
  • Log houses in Minnesota can be built faster in many cases, because the log walls double as both interior and exterior walls.


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