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Choppy water over Cook’s Bay Mound MN
Cook’s Bay, Lake Minnetonka MN

This outer ring western suburb is unique in the way it retains its small town character, while providing a business and retail environment to serve its growing metropolitan community.

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Mound was a relatively self-contained community but all of that changed in the 1970’s. This change was facilitated by more efficient transportation to the metro area, and by the fact that more residents commuted toward the Minneapolis area. As a result, shopping patterns changed, and many retail businesses failed.

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However, since 1986, retail sales have increased by about 25%, and the city’s Economic development plan has created the Mounds Vision concept, and is making plans to bring Mound into the 21st Century by making it a premier city of Lake Minnetonka. A key part of this concept is the restoration of an historic boat channel via Long Lake.

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Mound MN Real Estate Data

Generally speaking, you can find about 100 or so single family Mound homes for sale. You can usually find a few “starter” units under 200k that were built in the 1920s but in satisfactory condition. If you are looking for something on a grander scale, there are about a dozen or so 1M+ homes for sale, many with excellent lakeshore, dock setup, and beach. Average list price is a little over 500k. It is usually possible to find condos or townhomes with lakefront access starting in the upper 400’s. Many Mound townhome owners are “snowbirds,” and use these properties to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summers, and then head to Arizona or Florida for the winter.

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This is a beautiful suburb of the Twin Cities, and its hills, winding roads, and all of the various points and bays along Lake Minnetonka easily put the scenery on parr with any resort or vacation spot among Northern Minnesota lakes. The community is an eclectic blend of smaller, seasonal homes that have been converted to seasonal use, mixed in with mansions and exgtravagant lakeshore home estates of all types. No matter where you live in Mound, you are only a stone’s throw from the lake. Even if you don’t own lakeshore real estate here, you will have no trouble getting your boat launched in just a few minutes from leaving home.

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