Are Orono MN Townhomes the “Cat’s Pajamas?”

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Yes! Enough said.

Start browsing for Orono MN townhomes, condos,, and one-level townhomes at this link right now! See virtually every townhouse for sale on the local Orono MLS system.

There is one big problem.  There are not very many of them. There is another problem. Demographers predict that townhomes (especially detached and one-level townhomes) will be the big future trend as all of us baby-boomers get stiff and fragile.  Don’t wait. Hey… you don’t even want to mow the lawn or shovel the snow right now, do you?  What will it be like when you get older?  You really won’t want to do it.  I hate to be doom-and-gloom, but you might not be able to do those things. If you slip on ice while you are shoveling and you bust your femur, you are well on  your way to the nursing home.

Here’s another problem.  If you start looking at Orono MN townhomes or condos, you will just have to buy one.  All of the other town houses  in the metro area just won’t compare.  There is still one more problem; if you buy one, you won’t ever want to leave.  They will have to take you out “feet first.”

You say you really want to live in a single family home.  I have a solution.  Buy a detached townhome.  There are not very many of them in Orono, right now, but I can find you one in another community on Lake Minnetonka.  Close enough! It will feel like a house to you, and you get the best of both worlds.  In fact, you might even be interested in single level detached Orono MN townhomes.

If you don’t dawdle, you might be able to find a unit for under 200K in Lake Minnetonka Woods neighborhood.  Usually there are not more than two dozen townhouse or condos for sale in Orono.   Asking prices generally average out at about 500K, give or take a few dollars. Most of them are not very old, either.  Many of them are one level.

If you want to see one, just let me know! The sooner you buy an Orono MN condo, the sooner you can enjoy Lake Minnetonka!

Find out more about Orono MN homes.

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