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Here are some Minneapolis real estate listings that were posted on the MLS/IDX within the last three days:

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Unless you haven’t picked up a newspaper or checked internet news outlets recently, you probably already know that  Minneapolis real estate market conditions are slanted toward the home buyers’ favor. Interest rates are also great right now. Also, credit restrictions for obtaining mortgages are easing. Call us for more specific information on housing market conditions.

You can browse tens of thousands of Minneapolis MN homes right from this site! The mammoth  MLS property inventory and outrageously low home  mortgage interest rates are making the Minneapolis real estate market the best house buyer’s market you may ever see! You may have missed out on the ill-fated first time homebuyers tax credit, but it hardly matters because you will probably be saving even more money on your home if you purchase now, thanks to great home loan mortgage interest rates and competitive Minneapolis real estate pricing. The prices on Minneapolis homes still are jaw-dropping, and mortgage loan interest rates probably will never get much lower, so this is a good time for property buyers to be decisive.

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Minneapolis neighborhoods are coming BACK!  So is the market for Minneapolis homes! So are the people who grew up in the city but moved to the suburbs after college. They missed the Gothic and Victorian architecture of MN homes, tree-lined streets and sidewalks, and an extensive park system with an endless maze of bike routes, creeks, lakes, and ballfields. There are plenty of vintage treasures to be found in this city. Totally restored Minneapolis homes include mission-style foursquare homes or Arts and Crafts style houses. Minneapolis MN homes offer gleaming oak floors, built-in buffets, oak pillars, big oak mopboards, and millwork details that show pride in craftsmanship! You might even find one with oak pillars and a built in buffet. Bungalow-style homes never fall out of favor. The Minneapolis real estate inventory is broad, charming, and eclectic!

Bungalow Home in Minneapolis

South Minneapolis stucco bungalow circa 1920.


Minneapolis Real Estate  Excellent for Long Term Investment

Considering that the average annual appreciation of Minneapolis homes has been 5% since the 50′s, it’s a smart move.  Savvy investors know that this is this is the time to get serious about looking for Minneapolis real estate for sale. In fact, the Twin Cities housing market conditions are creating a whole new generation of property investors who understand the long-term value of Minneapolis real estate. You can even find some Minnesota luxury home foreclosures on the market right now. In fact, right now, “cheap Minnesota luxury homes” is one of the most heavily Googled terms that brings buyers to this  real estate website. But don’t expect today’s prices on Minneapolis MN homes to be around forever; the banks have finally become aggressive about pricing their Minneapolis real estate for sale, and investors are scooping up these properties quickly. Keep in mind that the city is “landlocked,” meaning that when it becomes time to sell MN homes in the future, Mpls sellers will not be competing with a large number of new construction properties. Meanwhile, the metro population keeps growing and vacant land everywhere becomes more precious with every passing day. At some point, demand will greatly outpace the supply of Minneapolis real estate listings, as it has in the past. Home ownership will always be the American Dream.

An investment in a Minnesota home is an investment in the future.  The net cost of owning a home in Minneapolis estate is probably far less than what you are now paying for rent, especially when you consider the equity gains and huge tax benefits. This is not a good time for “sitting on your hands.”  The most common mistake a property investor can make is to wait until prices go up before buying. Heavy-hitting real estate investors like Donald Trump are saying that this is the time to buy houses. Prices on Minneapolis MN homes for sale are great, but these property prices  just won’t last forever. The interest rates on today’s home loan  mortgage rates can only go up!

Minneapolis MN Homes are Hot!

Minneapolis real estate enjoys a permanent demand, thanks to a thriving, diverse economy, a healthy infrastructure, an amazing string of sparkling blue lakes, green and leafy parkways, bike trails, and a landscape littered with well-equipped parks. The overall quality of living is higher than just about anywhere else in the nation, the houses are affordable, educational services are great, and conditions make Minneapolis a great place to start a business or raise a family. Homeowners enjoy an active lifestyle and access to some of the most avante-garde cultural venues in the country.  The nightlife is jumping, fine cusine and world class shopping is here, and there are plenty of professional sports teams.

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